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Puss and Pooch Pet Nail Clipper

Puss and Pooch Pet Nail Clippers are a must-have item for every dog and cat owner. Give your pet the professional care he deserves from the comfort of your own home. No more expensive grooming bills!

DOG NAIL CARE IS ESSENTIAL for your animals to live to their maximum happiness and comfort. If a dog's nails get too long, they can curve under and grow into the pad of the foot; and untrimmed claws can split, causing bleeding and infection. Clipping your pet's nails to the proper length is important for his health.

SAFE AND EFFICIENT clipping will leave you and your pup happy. The clippers feature ergonomic rubber-gripped handles that allow for controlled operation of the tool, a necessity with squirmy pets. Sturdy design and a stainless steel blade provide long-lasting grooming care, while the blade guard and detailed instructions help prevent over-cutting of the nails and allow you to clip with confidence.

MAKE GROOMING AS PAINLESS FOR YOU AS IT IS FOR YOUR PET. A spring-loaded design and razor-sharp stainless steel blade allow quick and easy cuts. Maximize your time with your animals by letting the Puss and Pooch clippers save you time and trips to the groomer.


  1. Hold the paw securely in one hand and place clippers over only the the tip of the nail.

  2. Cut at a 45 degree angle by squeezing the handles together.

  3. File down any rough edges using a nail file


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