Puss and Pooch Pet Nail Clipper
  • Puss and Pooch Pet Nail Clipper

    • PROFESSIONAL GROOMING AT HOME - Puss and Pooch pet nail clippers allow even the most novice pet groomers to easily trim their dog's claws. Expertly designed and manufactured with quality materials, these clippers are an essential tool for any pet owner.
    • --INJURY-PROOF - Designed with ergonomic grip and non slip handles, you have ultimate control over the nail clipping process for your dog or cat. Razor sharp blades and a safety guard ensure no over-trimming or botched pedicures.
    • --GREAT FOR DOGS AND CATS -These clippers can be used on nearly all of your furry friends. The trimmers fit most claw sizes, making them the perfect tool for grooming large and small breeds.
    • --PET-FRIENDLY - These sturdy, lightweight, and quiet clippers are recommended over expensive and noisy nail grinders, which can scare your pet, causing injury. Puss and Pooch dog nail clippers provide safe and quick cuts with no spooked pups. Your pet will thank you!
    • --SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Puss and Pooch is so certain you will love our pet nail clippers, we offer a TEN-YEAR warranty and full refund if you and your pet's expectations are not met and exceeded.
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